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• Look up any U.S. Routing Number.
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Batch File Routing Number Verification
• Obtain Bank Name, Bank Address, 
   Processing Facility from RTN number.
• Get  Free Funds Verification* with
   Bank Phone Number display.

Simple Routing Number Search: 
• Verify the validity of any U.S. RTN.
• Eliminate data entry errors
• Reduces Fraud - Updated Daily

Online System:  RoutingTool
• Free for registered users.
• Database updated daily online.
• Includes all banks in the U.S.A.

Desktop System Version 3.0: 
• Delivered on CD ROM for 
              $39.99 + Shipping
• Copy/paste banking data to 
  CheckWriter™ or other software.
• Version 1.0 users receive 
  Free Updates for 1 year.
• Contains Bank Draft and 
   ACH Routing Data
• Provides Bank Name, Bank Address,
   Full Routing Number.
• ACH Department Phone Number 
  for Free Funds Verification*

*At all participating institutions.

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Need to find the Routing Number for Bank of America, or the Routing Number for Wells Fargo, or a Chase Routing Number, Citibank, TD Bank, Key Bank, Citizens Bank or any other bank in the USA?  If so, RoutingTool™ is the oldest and best way to get real-time and up-to-date information. The RoutingTool™ Database is updated every business banking day, and all results are 100% accurate and independently maintained.

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Learn more about Routing Number Verification Systems.

Routing Number verification is very important in the check processing business. If you need to verify the validity of a bank routing number or you need routing number verification, routing tool is free.

Look up the routing number by bank name. or Look up the bank name by routing number with a virtual terminal.

Get Free funds verification simply by calling the bank. The bank phone number is provided when you look up the routing number.  You can also use a funds verification service like BetterCheck.  For more information on checking account verification, see the BetterCheck website.

Every RTN routing number in the FedWire system and the ACH system can been searched at no charge. RoutingTool is totally free and it is updated every business banking day at 5 a.m.

Why do other routing number systems charge money for the same thing that this routing number verification system provides for free?  Because they can.

Did you know that CheckWriter software has a built in routing number verification system based on an algorithm? CheckWriter also has a link in the manual right to RoutingTool where you can instantly cross-reference the routing number with the bank name.  RoutingTool is fantastic for businesses that accept checks by phone.

The best part about this routing verification system is the free funds verification that you get when you call the phone number provided.

Routing Number Verification. Bank Name Verification. Bank Mailing Address. Bank Phone Number.  All provided with standard results display.

Routing Tool is the routing number authority and has been since 1996. The most current and up to date information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No need to update the routing number datRTNse all the time, because routingtool is always up to date and always on. Verify the routing number day and night until you can't verify routing numbers anymore - and it will all be free. Everyone loves free stuff, so use the routing number verification system provided at over and over for free.

Want to avoid the image verification?  You can upgrade your free virtual terminal to a premium virtual terminal.