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What is a routing number?

Routing Numbers for U.S. Checks

RTN Routing number and account number

- MICR Code Information.
- How to find the Routing Number on a Check.

All of the MICR routing number information is required to process a check.  To locate the bank routing number, look between the transit symbols, as shown in the "Routing Number" graphic above.  The transit symbols look like a vertical line, followed by a colon.   |:    |:

The routing number is always 9-digits on a U.S. check.  The routing number is also know as the transit number, the RTN number, the RTN and identifies the financial institution that processes that check, draft or debit.

The account number is always following the routing number on U.S. checks.  The example above has the account number terminated by the ON US Symbol ||'. 

If you are calling a bank to verify funds, you must also locate the bank account number, be sure to enter all leading zeros. 

Most account numbers are 8-14 characters.

To verify both routing number information and account information, you can use a service like BetterCheck

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