User Notes and Frequently Asked Questions
About RoutingTool Virtual Terminal

What about technical support?

Some features in the RoutingTool Virtual
Terminal are designed for developers who
have basic programming knowledge.

While batch upload and XML integration
are quite simple, there is no telephone
support for this product, nor written
documentation provided beyond the code
in your virtual terminal, and the sample CSV
upload file for use in batch processing.

Email support is provided at no charge as
a courtesy in most cases when addressed
via our support ticket system.


Here are User Notes


Why is my upload timing out or giving me file not found?

The most common upload issues are not calling your file "sample.csv"
and not including field names in the file.



What response messages will I get?

RoutingTool Response Codes:

 weblink_code |         short_descr         |    descr                                                  
 WE20   | TEMPORARY ERROR             | A temporary error occurred while processing the
                                              request, please try again later
 WF01   | VALIDATED                   | The routing number has been successfully located 
                                               in the routing number datRTNse.
 WN02   | RTN INFORMATION UNAVAILABLE | The routing number has been successfully validated, 
                                              but no information is available regarding the 
                                              specific institution
 WE11   | PREAUTH VENDOR ERROR        | There was a transmission error or other failure.
 WE10   | INVALID ROUTING NUMBER      | The routing number supplied is invalid.
 WE12   | PREAUTH VENDOR UNAVAILABLE  | Access to RoutingTool is not currently available.
 WE13   | INSUFFICIENT FUNDS          | The routingtool account has insufficient funds to
                                               perform the designated task
 WE14   | COMMUNICATIONS ERROR        | An error occurred while trying to query the remote
                                              data provider, please try again later

What is Weblinkid or Weblink password?

WebLink password (Hidden form var='weblinkid'):

If you are using weblink, you must choose a password to be the weblinkid.  DO NOT USE YOUR ACCOUNT PASSWORD.  Use a random password such as:


This is entered into the weblinkid variable in your page code

<input type="hidden" name="weblinkid" value="[Required]">
<input type="hidden" name="weblinkid" value="WXqq765763a34mM87Y5511poG">

What is the HTTP referrer?

Here you enter the URL where your data will post from.  If you use a local script, set the referrer value to the same as you enter in your weblink control panel.

How does batch upload work?

Your file must be called sample.csv. An example is in your control panel in the batch upload section.  You can also see it by clicking here.

Before you upload your first live batch, make one test file with just one record so you can be sure you have your file formatted properly first.

You must include all field names when you upload.  You can put anything in the user fields, or leave them blank, but they must be included. The user fields will be returned with the results.

When you upload a file successfully, it will tell you the number of
records, then ask if you want to process. If you process the file, you
will instantly be able to download the results file in csv.

Click browse, find the file you want to upload "sample.csv" and click next.

Sample .csv file available here
Upload .csv batch file to RoutingTool™

If you get an error or your file won't upload, check your file format.  Errors in upload are caused by improperly formatted files.  

If you are successful, you will see the following:

You currently have 1 batches in the system.

Batch # Upload Date Batch Entries Status Details Action
1897 2005-11-03 17:28 1 BATCHED Upload has been batched and is waiting for processing Process | View | Delete

Once you click Process the screen will change to allow you to VIEW

You currently have 1 batches in the system.

Batch # Upload Date Batch Entries Status Details Action
1897 2005-11-03 17:28 1 BATCHED Upload has been batched and is waiting for processing  Process  | View | Delete

Click view to see the results and use save as to save the file as a CSV or TXT.



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