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How does this work? What is it?
Are all banks listed in RoutingTool™?
Are there updates to the software?
How does funds verification work?
Are credit unions listed?
Does it work in Canada?

Will the software work on a network?
Can I look at the software in advance?

How do I order?                                      
Learn how to verify checks online.
What does it cost?
Is the system in real-time?*

What about technical support?
Who provides this service? 

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How does this work? What is it?

RoutingTool™ is a virtual terminal that 
allows you to log into any web browser 
with a username and password and verify 
routing numbers on any U.S. checking 
account that is part of our banking network.  
You can also remotely link using Weblink 
and integrate the system into any application
or ecommerce system, or you put it on your 
own website.

Are all banks listed?          

Almost every U.S. Bank and Federal Credit 
Union is listed in RoutingTool.  New and 
updated routing numbers are added every day.

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How are updates processed?

RoutingTool updates are processed
daily. The updates are automatic. 
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How does funds verification work?

RoutingTool will list the phone number for 
the bank's ACH department or the funds 
verification number.  For most commercial 
banks that offer funds verification, there 
will be a touch tone system allowing you
to verify funds or account status. 

For smaller banks, you can manually verify 
funds by requesting "merchant funds 
verification" when you call the number 
listed in RoutingTool.  Banks will provide
this information in accordance with their 
own privacy policy and local laws.

For Real-Time Account Verification you can 
use BetterCheck, at

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Are credit unions listed?

Yes.  RoutingTool includes all banks that use
a 9 digit routing number, including Federal 
credit unions and savings banks. The U.S., 
PR, Virgin Islands and territories are also
included. This system does not work for 
Canadian or Mexican banks.  
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Will the software work on a network?

Yes.  RoutingTool can be used on any
computer in your office. Log in or link up
from an unlimited number of computers.
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Can I look at the software in advance?

To have a look at the software click the demo link above.

How do I place my order?

To order: click here.


What does it cost?

RoutingTool™ Virtual Terminal works on 
a prepaid deposit system.  You add funds 
to the account and each verification will 
deplete the balance by 5.  You can add 
additional funds at any time via your 
Virtual Terminal using any major credit card.

There is a minimum monthly spend 
requirement of $5 on all accounts. 
There is no monthly fee.

Full Account / Transaction Fees:
$5 per month minimum volume
Batch Fee: $0.00 per uploaded transaction

Rates are $0.05 per transaction
[Monthly Minimum 100 transactions / $5.00]

  One-time Setup Fee: $49
(Introductory price) 
  Initial Deposit: $50 


Is the system in real-time?*

The system responds to each inquiry in 
a fraction of a second.  The response is 
in real-time and is based on the data
individual bank has listed with RoutingTool™, 
and is compared with the Federal Reserve's 
routing registration datRTNse, and various
other sources.


What about technical support?

Some features in the RoutingTool Virtual 
Terminal are designed for developers who 
have basic programming knowledge. 

While batch upload and XML integration 
are quite simple, there is no telephone 
support for this product, nor written 
documentation provided beyond the code 
in your virtual terminal, and the sample CSV 
upload file for use in batch processing. 

New Documentation:  Results    and   User Notes

Email support is provided at no charge as 
a courtesy in most cases when addressed 
via our support ticket system.


Who provides this service? 

RoutingTool™ Virtual Terminal is a new product from has been providing software to the payment industry since 1996. publishes CheckWriter™ brand check by phone software, as well as BetterCheck, the bank account number verification software, and 123ACH, the electronic fund transfer virtual terminal for ACH.

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To order RoutingTool™ Virtual Terminal:

Rates are $0.05 per transaction
[Monthly Minimum 100 transactions / $5.00]
One-time Setup Fee: $49
(Introductory price)  
Initial Deposit: $50                                                   Place Your 
                                                                                   Order HERE


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