- Virtual Terminal for instant lookup - real-time results.
- Batch Upload via text file with real-time results.
- XML Weblink for invisible back-end integration with anything.

For an unbelievable price, RoutingTool Virtual Terminal is now available for use at 5 per result.

Virtual Terminal:
Just like Online RoutingTool, the Virtual Terminal allows you to individually look up any U.S. Bank, or any 9-digit Routing Number, and get full results as a screen display in real-time.

Batch Upload Feature:
This allows you to upload small or large files to the system and receive real-time results in an online spreadsheet, or download results as a text file or .csv file which can be manipulated in Excel or Access and other programs.

XML Weblink Feature:
This feature allows you to link real-time results and auto-fill to any desktop application, web form, shopping cart or banking software via XML, or https:// POST, with HTML, or simple TEXT file.  RoutingTool's WebLink will return the results in any format you choose, including XML or TEXT.


To order RoutingTool™ Virtual Terminal:

Rates are 5 per transaction
[Monthly Minimum 100 transactions / $5.00]
One-time Setup Fee: $49
(Introductory price)  
Initial Deposit: $50                                                   Place Your 
                                                                                   Order HERE


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