Use Desktop RoutingTool™ for Windows to find Bank Routing Number, Bank Name, Address and Phone Number for FREE Funds Verification.


Desktop RoutingTool™ to find 
- Bank Routing Number
- Bank Name
- Bank Address and
- Phone Number
for  FREE Funds Verification.

This valuable tool, previously available online exclusively at, has over 135,000 businesses, banks and individuals who already use the online service.

NOW AVAILABLE ON CD ROM - Shipped to your door, this new release of desktop RoutingTool™ 10.xx will prove indispensable.

Instantly Search the database for
- Bank Routing Number
- Bank Name
- Bank Address and
- Phone Number
for  FREE Funds Verification.

RoutingTool™ is the leading routing verification 
software, now preferred by:
- Collection Agencies
- Banks
- Credit Unions
- Accounts Receivable
- Telemarketing
- Medical Billing
- Service Bureaus
- Insurance Companies

RoutingTool™ for Windows does not require any online Internet connection. It is completely stand alone and installs on any Windows computer.  This software will work with any check by phone systems, regardless of brand name.

Desktop RoutingTool is just $39.99 for each computer, plus shipping for a limited time.  There are never any monthly fees or per transaction charges for verification of routing numbers or datRTNse queries.

NEW OPTION: Updates are available for a one-time fee per update of $29, or get monthly updates for $10 per month when you pre-pay for one year [$120].
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